When something incredible happens and one has reason to stand tall and toast life, there is no better message than the opening of a champagne or sparkling wine bottle. Whenever there is a wedding, an anniversary, a promotion or any other significant event, it is very common to have the best champagne and wines to make the occasion memorable. In Edmonton inviting options for sourcing the drinks to be served are available in the local liquor stores due to the intention of discerning celebrants. However, a perfect champagne or sparkling wine must be chosen meticulously for every occasion in this article, and we will look at some of the best options you can purchase in Edmonton liquor stores.


**Champagne and Sparkling wine-a Reality Check**


It is, however, important to ensure that one has some basic facts about champagne and sparkling wine to make a good first selection. Champagne is an exclusive type of sparkling wine, which originates from the Champagne region of France and has been made from grape varieties, following this specific technique. On the other hand, sparkling wine does include a wider selection of the bubbly wines that are manufactured across the globe, with the application of different grape kinds and contemporary techniques. Champagne is widely hailed for its reliability and exclusivity, whereas sparkling wines are available in different varieties and affordable prices.


Selection Criteria When Deciding on Champagne or Sparkling Wine


  1. **Occasion:** Bear in mind that event and the celestial birthdays of the celebrants Dictate the type of If there is anything that deserves a party. Looking for a top shelf champagne for a wedding or any other special occasion, or a champaign that is to be used in any party or celebration?


  1. **Style:** Hence,; champagne and sparkling wines are available in various degrees of sweetness; ranging from dry champagne that is light and crisp to the sweet champagne that is full bodied. Take your pick depending on the kind of flavor that you would like to enjoy most together with the occasion that you intend to take the wine with.


  1. **Quality:** Choose only producers who have good reputation for producing quality and plants that meet the required quality standards. But, expensive brands like Moët & Chandon or Veuve Clicquot definitely would not disappoint anyone however, there are many fine sparkling wines from California, Spain, Italy and many other places.


  1. **Budget:** Set your budget and look for the product and services available in your appropriate budget range. What is more, despite champagne can be rather expensive, there will always be options within the category of sparkling wines one can afford to order.


Alcohol Market Recommendations in Edmonton


  1. **Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut:** This champagne is known for its fruity taste that has hints of green apple, citrus, and less-acidic bread and butter, specifically brioche; great for celebrations.


  1. **Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut:** Another luxury champagne which, just like Dom Perignon, has marvelous tastes of ripe fruit, vanilla, and toasted nuts perfect for events and commemorative gifting.


  1. **Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava:** This one is a spunky Spanish sparkling wine at a budget, with a nice sharp, clean acidity and fruity bitterness to it, with a creamy mouthfeel to boot.


  1. **Chandon Rosé Sparkling Wine:** This is a sweet and refreshing rosé sparkling wine produced from red Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Meunier and is perfect for a romantic occasion due to the strawberry and cream flavor that is inherent to the drink.


  1. **Gruet Blanc de Noirs:** Made by the champagne method in the town of Sunland, New Mexico / It has a rich bouquet, with tones of red berry and cherry, toast, and almond / This wine is versatile for pairing with various foods.


This post identifies some of the locations in Edmonton where champagne and sparkling wines are available.


Another factor that cannot go without mention is that Edmonton has many liquor stores, which make it possible to purchase champagne and sparkling wine without difficulty. Some popular options include:


– **Wine and Beyond:** Wine and Beyond has several stores throughout the city; their shelves are stocked with wines and spirits, and they have a great selection of champagne and sparkling wine is.


– **Sherbrooke Liquor:** Their employees are extremely knowledgeable and they’ve got very specific inventory, Sherbrooke Liquor has been the destination of choice for many wine lovers.


– **Aligra Wine & Spirits:** Established in the Place, Aligra Wine & Spirits is a boutique wine and spirits store in the downtown Edmonton with a special emphasis on the high-quality wine, champagne, and sparkling wine and etc.




Selecting the right champagne or sparkling wine as a gift to mark a certain special occasion is a fun and much personal experience that does help to build up an occasion. If bubbling spirit of champagne or multi dietary, purpose and pocket friendly sparkling wine appeals to you, the liquor stores in Edmonton boast an inventory that should satiate all sorts of consumers. Accordingly, to some extent, celebrations and special occasions will help the celebrants to select the right champagne and enjoy the bubbly moment and start to new memories for the lifetime.

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