Barbeque catering is a thing of the past when rich meals of smoke-filled meats, delicious sauces, and luscious sides were the norm. Nonetheless, with the increasing awareness about health and changes in dietary preferences, lighter and healthier options are demanded in the realm of BBQ catering. Whatever event you are preparing for, whether it is corporate, a wedding or family gathering, there are numerous avenues to ensure that your guests are well-fed with the delightful barbecues, while considerate of their health requirements. This article is an in-depth look at some of the tips and tactics that can be used to achieve this, allowing everyone to enjoy the flavors of barbecue without the guilt.


  1. Leaner Protein Choices

Leaner protein options should be factored in when planning your BBQ catering menu, to accommodate those that are watching the calorie intake. Go for lean meats such as chicken breast, turkey or pork loin instead of fatter cuts like ribs or brisket, as the lean meats are lower in fat and calories. Moreover, you may integrate other protein sources, namely tofu, tempeh, or grilled fish for vegetarians and pescatarians to have options.


  1. Tasty Marinades and Rubs

Rather than using only heavy sauces and marinades for flavor, add flavoring with rubs and marinades that give complexity to your BBQ dishes. Play with herbs, spices, citrus, and aromatic ingredients to produce intense and lively flavors without all those extra calories and fat. Think of adding the likes of garlic, ginger, cumin, and smoked paprika for a tastefully seasoned BBQ affair.


  1. Grilled Veggies and Fruit

Adding grilled fruit and vegetables to your BBQ catering menu adds vibrancy, freshness, and nutrition to your table. Bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, and asparagus when grilled provide tasty and filling side dishes or salad toppings. Grilled fruit such as pineapple, peaches, and watermelon introduce a hint of sweetness and acidity necessary to offset the saltiness of savoury BBQ tastes.


  1. Lighter Side Dishes

On your BBQ catering menu planning choose non-traditional side dishes in order to provide light and healthier alternative. In place of mayo-laden potato salad or coleslaw, alternatives such as vinegar slaw, vegetable skewers, or quinoa salad with herbs and fresh vegetables are lighter possibilities. Including whole grains, legumes and ample fresh produce in the spread will help you add fiber, vitamins and minerals to the BBQ.


  1. Mindful Portion Control

Though BBQ catering is mostly linked with big servings and generous portions, the guests should know how to make a mindful portion control so that nobody will eat too much. Provide small plates and let the guest fill up on lean proteins, grilled vegetables and lighter side dishes before tucking into heavier options. Offering different choices and giving people an ability to create their own plates may stimulate a healthy and conscious eating.


  1. Hydration Station

Apart from serving such healthy food options, do not also forget to make available lots of hydrating beverages so that your guests always remain refreshed and satisfied. Provide variety of infused water, herbal teas, and sparkling water with fresh fruit garnishes to help guests stay well hydrated during the occasion. Cut down in sugary sodas and alcoholic beverages, and think of proposing fresh juices and herbs mocktail in place of these heavy drinks.



To sum up, healthy catering for those, who like BBQ, doesn’t mean to give up flavor or pleasure. You can also prepare a barbeque spread that fulfills guest desires yet supports their health and wellbeing by integrating leaner protein choices, tasty marinades and rubs, grilled vegetables and fruit, lighter side dishes, mindful portion control, and hydrating beverages. No matter if you are organizing a corporate event, wedding party or a family reunion, providing lighter healthier options ensures that everyone can enjoy the smoky taste of barbecue without any remorse.

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