More than any other investment opportunities in the Vaughan market, having your floors done in laminate is, by far, the best way to increase the value of your home. Home purchasers find the hardwood floor as a classic, extremely strong and of low maintenance reason. Hardwood floors will bring a classic, timeless beauty to your Vaughan home. If you are considering such a product, here are some important points to consider for a successful and valuable installation.



Choose the Right Type of Hardwood:


Reflect upon whether the type of hardwood that would go with your home decor, your life and your budget is something that meets your standards. The preference of oak, maple, and cherry may be explained by their exceptional sturdiness and versatility. Exotic woods, including Brazilian cherry and teak, are also sought by the customers from all over the world because of their unusual grain pattern and lovely color tone.


Consider whether you prefer solid hardwood or engineered hardwood, (Get the one that will best suit you). The suitability depends on several factors such as budget, ease of maintenance, style, and durability. Rigid hardwood is wood which has been flattened to make a single board and can be sanded and refinished as many times as desired. The manufacture of engineered woods is another way which it differs with other types. It is achieved by gluing wood veneer pieces together and then assembling. This wood is less likely to be damaged by humidity and temperature fluctuations which make it suitable for use in a basement or kitchen.


Consider the Finish:


Either choose a finish that blends in with the current decor style of your house or go for one that helps promotes the lifestyle you need. The matt finishes are more natural and quieter and are good at hiding the scratches and imperfections while the glossy finish creates more light reflection and makes the room look bigger and overall gets more spacious.


To choose between oil-based and water-based finishes is to settle. Palm finishes give the wood a traditional & older appearance and can conveniently be retouched with already available materials meanwhile water-based fixing agents are friendly with environment and these cover the wood surface passively in less Downtime while installation.


Plan for Subfloor Preparation:


Do the evaluation of your subfloor and accomplish any repair works or modificiations before putting in paneling. The subfloor must be made level, dry, and entirely free from debris to prevent squeaks, gaps, and other problems like that.


Water damage is always something that you want to avoid; therefore, you must consider installing a moisture barrier or underlayment in order to ensure that your hardwood flooring is sufficiently protected, especially in those areas that are subject to frequent water spillage such as bathrooms and kitchens.


Hire a Professional Installer:


On the other hand, DIY installations are popular, and so the need for a professional installation expert cannot be ignored for a high-performance result that will last long. Overall, a professional installer will be able to do this task accurately by himself having a lot of professional experience and expertise.


Get more than one estimate from the contractors and also use references to pick the right and competent installer who will be able to do an excellent job.


Plan for Long-Term Maintenance:


Consider getting maintenance system and products to clean and sustain hardwood flooring in Vaughan in order to keep its beauty for long. Routinely sweeping and periodic mopping with cleaning fluid that has specifically been tailored for hardwood floor will do the trick to keep the hardwood floors in tip-top condition. Nevertheless, just take into account to choose the cleaning product for your hardwood floors that has the specific composition to ensure that there was no damage to them.

Take the step to purchase some area rugs or furniture pads to put under your hardwood flooring as a safeguard against scratches, dents, and other kinds of damages.


These aspects are worth to be considered and by developing a few steps plan, you will rest assured that your hardwood flooring installation is bound to inject value and aesthetic to your home for years to come. In case you’re choosing the most cost-effective option, you can just renew your old hardwood floors or you can go all-in by installing hardwood flooring for the first time. In any case, hardwood floors will definitely add value to your house, thus increasing its aesthetic qualities and making it more sellable. And so, if you are ready for a new floor just remember that for the best combination of classic beauty and durability, look no further than hardwood flooring.

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